Students Explore Plant Cycles with Hydroponic Systems
Hydroponic systems growing seedlings.
Arcadia Middle School Ag in Motion students are learning the important basics of agriculture while incorporating hydroponic systems. With these systems, students are able to grow different commodities including local and nonlocal crops. Students planted cosmos, tomatoes, sunflowers, morning glories and a mix of wild flowers. Students focused their learning on the five important things a plant needs to survive, various parts of a plant, their life cycles and their importance. This project has allowed the students to see in real time how plants develop and what their root systems look like.
After seven days, students observed that the plants were at various stages of development. Some seedlings had not sprouted, some were transforming into plants and others had fully transformed into young plants with established roots. Miss. Gifford, Arcadia Middle and High School Agriculture Teacher plans to integrate the hydroponic systems deeper into Ag in Motions curriculum and start growing fruit and vegetables that are grown in other countries. The hydroponic systems were funded through DonorsChoose, a classroom funding site for teachers.