8th Grade Math Gallery Walk
In 8th grade math the students have been working with rigid transformations. Students learned how to accurately translate (slide), rotate, and reflect figures. After this, students learned the concept of congruence and that when rigid transformations are performed the figure stays congruent.
Students demonstrated their understanding of this by making a transformation to their own artwork. First, they chose a figure to draw and color on graph paper. They then had to perform three transformations to their figure. They had to provide the result of the transformations (the image) of their original. Students presented their artwork in a gallery walk as a culminating activity. While visiting and admiring their classmates’ artwork they had to identify which transformations the artist applied to their original figure. We have some great artists at the Arcadia Middle School and it was fun to see them use their art skills in math class.
*Pictured are students participating in the gallery walk and various students’ work.
Gallery Walk
Gallery Walk